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Gardener is a production-grade Kubernetes as a service management tool that works across various cloud-platforms (e.g, AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba & SAP Datacenters) and on-premise (e.g. with OpenStack).

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Project Kyma offers a flexible and easy way to connect and extend enterprise applications in a cloud-native fashion. It is designed natively on Kubernetes and thus, it is portable to all major cloud providers.

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Code once. Run on any device. OpenUI5 enables you to create enterprise-ready Web apps responsive to all devices. It follows open standards, and includes powerful development concepts and a rich set of UI controls.

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Cloud Foundry

SAP contributes to a number of Cloud Foundry projects. You can learn more about these projects here. A mature platform, Cloud Foundry integrates easily with external technologies for organizations’ IT needs.

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CLA Assistant

CLA Assistant makes the contribution process to your open source project as smooth as possible. Let your contributors sign the CLA with one click.

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SAP Machine

A Java Development Kit and Runtime Environment based on the OpenJDK, built for enterprise Java workloads.

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Find out about new projects, the latest releases for existing projects, and how to get started with a variety of our open source projects on the SAP Community.

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Podcast series 'the Open Source way'

You can find our new podcast series on open source topics on the OpenSAP podcast platform! Subscribe to the series, and listen in using your preferred streaming service.

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